Throughout the year there are several questions that are frequently asked, so here’s a few Must Knows about Under Cover Designs:

Q: Who is the designer team behind Under Cover Designs?
A: Currently the team is... just me, Lee Ching.

Q: What is the standard turnabout time?
A: I personally can’t say, because every project differs from the previous one; My time based on the type of projects. I asks for a minimum of 7 days in every single service I provide.
I am not saying, per example, that if you order a pre-made logo and a custom cover you will have to wait 7 days for both or that you will be receiving both in 7 days; a logo can be turned in to the client for approval and final files submitted in the same day, and a custom cover in over 30 days, it all really depends on my schedule, availability, and complexity of the project, but to avoid missed deadlines, or fake promises on my end, I decided to establish a minimum turnabout time (if I am not under a busy week/month) are these:
Logos: 1-3 days
Pre-made covers: 3-5 days
Formatting: 1-3 days.
But like I said, these are just guess estimative, please email as soon as you have the (book) information required.

Q: When should I book my project?
Under Cover Designs is fairly new, but even with that being said I already have a few things booked with a few months in advance. The sooner you can book your project the better because I base my schedule on the type of design because some projects take longer than others.
There is a 50% down payment required at the time of booking, the invoice will be sent via PayPal. The remaining 50% is due upon the booking date and before any final files will be released.

Q: I love your formatting, how do I book it?
A: You can book me (no matter for what job) directly through my email undercoverdesignss@gmail.com or here on the website: https://www.undercoverdesigns.net/contact/ ... in this case it would be with “Formatting” as the subject line.

Q: Regarding formatting, I have a few questions, what do I need to send? Can it be only new releases or can I hire you for a book that is already live, an update if you will?
A: When your book is back from the editor, after last read through, (doesn’t matter if it’s brand new or a re-release)... here’s what you should add on your email to me:
1. MS doc. (docx works too)
2. Ebook cover
3. Fonts used on your cover (contact your cover designer for those)
4. Release date (has to be at least 3 days before)
5. Paypal email for invoice (your files will NOT be sent if invoice hasn’t been fully paid.)

Q: What are your hours?
A: Hmm... great question, I wish I knew the answer. My hours depend on the project, the day, and if it's raining (that usually is my day to read, and living in Africa it means my Internet will be super slow). I can be reached at anytime, however, via: Email: undercoverdesignss@gmail.com or via Messenger http://m.me/undercoverdesignss Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Q. How to I make the payments?
All my invoices are sent via Paypal.

Q. Who should I credit?
A: All credits in regards to designs should be credited to ©Lee Ching of Under Cover Designs

Q. What do the design fees NOT include?
A: The design fees are for FINAL files only. They DO NOT include the original working files. The original working files and design remain the copyright of the designer, and such files will never be deleted should the client need to have the designer make any changes.

Q. Do you offer refunds?
A: If for any reason you should need to cancel an appointment, a refund for the deposit will be in full IF notice is given at least two weeks prior to your booking date, and no work has been done to the project. If you cancel less than two weeks before your booking date, deposits are no longer refundable. Once final designs have been sent and shared, a refund will NOT be given.

Q. Can I use my own image?
 Of course, you can supply your own images as long as it's licensed for commercial use – proof of permission will be required – and it's at least 300dpi.

Q. What's the difference between Custom cover and Customizable pre-made?
Custom cover comes with unlimited stock images, digital art implementation, mixed media materials in creating along with three starting templates to choose from and absolute satisfaction until completion. Customizable premade is like a mix between a Premade and a custom: You get your genre and feel/look that you're going for that you would with a custom, but there aren't any templates to choose and the changes are standard Premade accepted changes.

Q. Do you accept payment plans?
A: Under Cover Designs is no longer accepting payment plans.

Q. If I buy a design from you, and later see something that "fits" me more, would I be able to trade it?
A: No.

Q. Do you make book teasers?
A: Yes, I do they are $5 each with my stock images, with a minimum of three teasers per order.

Q. How much is an event banner?
A: Custom event banners are $65 for the design, and it's sized to whatever site the author will be ordering from.

Q: Can I pay half now and already use my cover, if it's a premade?
A: I'm sorry, but no. Even with custom covers, no final files (other than 2-3 initial mock-ups) will be sent until the payment is completed.

Q: Can I use one of your premades in a cover of a box-set?
A: Yes, you can, but you have to be aware that for box-sets covers you have to buy the full-wrap.

Q: I made the payment... now what?
A: Once purchased, please leave instructions of changes in the form http://bit.ly/UCDpremade; if changes are not required immediately, you should email undercoverdesignss@gmail.com when they're ready. Please allow 3-5 working days for changes to take place and review files to be sent to you, remember it can can take longer.

Q: Do you need to know the page count the moment I buy a cover or can I buy a cover, even though I haven't finished -or started- the book?
A: *giggle* Yes, you can buy it. Pre-made designs do not have a shelf-life, once purchased I will hold onto the design until you are ready to use it.
Most of my covers follow a standard size, I personally use the Createspace template, once you have the entire book info all you have to do is message (email) me and I will go back in and adjust it to the correct size and then send you the files; for printing, just send me your desired trim size and your final page count (after it was properly formatted).

Q: In regards of my last question, is the page count adjustment charged?
A: No, the spine adjustment is covered as well as the author name, blurb, title changes.

Q: Mock-ups, how many changes am I allowed?
A: Pre-made covers - 3 changes .... Custom - 5 changes. Any changes beyond the initial mock ups are subject to additional fees at an hourly rate of $20 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour billed.

Q: How do I book you for a custom cover?
You can book me (no matter for what job) directly through my email undercoverdesignss@gmail.com or website: https://www.undercoverdesigns.net/contact/ ... in this case it would be with “Custom Cover” as the subject line OR fill this form http://bit.ly/customcoverform

Q: Can I message you a link to a stock image I want in my cover and beg you for it to be priced as a premade?
A: *giggle* No begging needed, I not only will appreciate, but will gladly do it. BUT you have to know that that pre-made may not be your dream cover, it will only have your “dream” image. Because there’s a huge difference between you sending me the image and you telling me every single detail the cover must have, that is considered a custom work and the price of the cover will be a reflection of that.

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